Guide to watering your marijuana plants indoors and outdoors 

Written by on 4 November, 2022

Cannabis plants need water to grow. Although it is not difficult to water marijuana strains, many growers make mistakes when it comes to watering their flowers.

Poor watering can lead to growth problems, nutrient deficiency, or disease in your strains, hence the importance of knowing how to do it correctly.

Amount of water 

Numerous circumstances influence the amount of water you should supply to your cannabis strains. Remember that as plants grow their water needs change.

For example, in the early stages of your Mary Jane, don’t water your pot with too much power, as it could bend and its developing roots could be damaged. Instead, it is recommended that you use a sprayer to moisten the substrate.

Pay attention to the pot size 

If you decide to grow your weed in pot, either indoors or outdoors, you must choose the right size container. You see, if you have a small plant in a large pot, soaking the substrate will drown it. Likewise, if you have a large plant in a small pot, its roots could become entangled.

Light intensity 

It is important to keep in mind that light intensity also plays an important role when watering your cannabis strains.

Marijuana strains that receive more light and heat will need more water than those that thrive in low light and low temperatures.

When to water

There are too many opinions as to what is the best time to water cannabis plants. A large majority do it early in the morning. Some say that watering during the night period promotes moisture in the soil, which contributes to mold growth.

Also, if you grow indoors, it is advisable to water the plants at the beginning of the period when the lights are on.

The best time to water is when the top layer of soil or growing medium (about 2-3cm) is completely dry. This way you avoid overwatering.

You can also be guided by the weight of the pot, when it is very heavy it means that the substrate is very wet, so it will not need more water for the moment, but, if the pot feels very light, it means that it is dry, and therefore, needs watering.


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