Conditions that the grow room must have

Written by on 22 October, 2020

When growing cannabis indoors it is important that the grower try to give the plants the environment most like their natural surroundings. Moreover, of course, it is necessary to maintain controlled all factors such as watering, temperature, among others, that the cannabis plants need to grow properly.

Generally, in indoor they are used cupboards to grow, but if you want to plant without them in a room, in the same way it is necessary that the grow room has certain conditions. In this post, we present you three:

1) Lighting

The illumination is a fundamental aspect for the cannabis plants. Growing cabinets usually contain light-reflecting material, but if you are not using a cabinet to plant marijuana, it is important that you keep all the walls of the growing room covered with something that reflects the light, such as white plastic or white paint. An ideal material for this is Mylar.

Install the necessary lighting equipment (take into account the stage of life of the plant, and the amount of strains you are going to grow), taking care that the electrical parts are well connected and away from the wet area of the grow room. In addition, secure the lights of the growing room do it by connecting them to the ceiling with a hook, among others.

As well as your cannabis needs light, it also needs periods of darkness, therefore, it tries that the room of culture does not have filtrations of light.

2) The hygiene

It is very important that in the room you have destined for your growing, order and cleanliness reign, therefore, it must be an empty room (without decorations or incense elements). Avoid leaving watered cables; puddles and spills should be cleaned up immediately. It also avoids the accumulation of dust and eliminates the residues that plants create by themselves, among others.

Remember that if you don’t keep your room completely clean, you put your precious plants at risk of fungus and other diseases, which is why you should clean the area regularly.

3) Ventilation

Your grow room should be airtight, but it should have good air circulation and exchange. With a good ventilation system, you will be able to help both renew the air and regulate the temperature and humidity of the place.

In indoor plantations, it is fundamental to renew the air of the growing area through a system of extraction and intraction so that the levels of Co2 are sufficient for the cannabis plants to develop correctly. It is also important to install fans. For that reason, you must make sure that the grow room that you are going to choose, counts on the conditions to install these devices, in addition make sure that you install them correctly, to avoid committing errors.

Before buying any device, make sure that it matches the characteristics of your growing room. To do this, you must take into account many factors such as the dimensions of the room, the number of plants in the growing, among others.

Final considerations

The location of your grow room is relevant, not only for a privacy issue, but also because depending on where it is located, you will be able to satisfactorily control the climate conditions of the growing, since the levels of heat or cold of the space, can vary depending on the area of the house where the planting takes place.

On the other hand, to prevent odors from coming out of your grow room will be necessary, the installation of a carbon filter.

In order for your growing to be successful, we recommend that you constantly check that factors such as temperature and humidity, among others, are at the right levels. This way you will see that your work will soon begin to bear fruit.

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