Common errors in the use of fungicides in cannabis growing

Written by on 23 October, 2020

Cannabis growing is not an impossible task, but it does require patience, knowledge and specific care so that everything goes as expected.

If you are, a novice in the subject of growing is very important to keep in mind that there are factors that must ensure the plants to develop properly, such as adequate levels of temperature, watering, humidity and lighting, among others.

However, not only you must be pending of those aspects, also it is necessary that you maintain to your plants, protected of fungi and diseases, which are disadvantages that can affect considerably to the cannabis.

In function of it, many growers resort to the biological fungicides, since the conventional fungicides usually are harmful for the humans, the same plants and the atmosphere, Anyway, even when organic fungicides are used, mistakes can be made in the application of these products. Here are three of them:

1) Not identifying the problem correctly

This may be more common than it seems. The truth is that many growers, due to lack of knowledge, may not be sure to identify correctly, what the problem of the crop is and therefore, apply an ineffective treatment that does not solve the problem. Even if the treatment applied is not harmful to the plants, you have most likely lost valuable time.

You will see, it is very difficult to solve a problem, if it is not correctly identified, for that reason, you must investigate a lot.

2) Mixing fungicides

If you are new to the subject of growing, you have probably thought that the application of multiple products will make those treatments more effective, but this is not the case. Rather, what could happen is that you end up damaging your plants or that the treatment is ineffective.

For some biological or microbiological fungicides, some labels indicate that you can mix them with specific products, but if the label says not to mix them with other products, don’t do it. In any case, do enough research to avoid making mistakes.

3) Storage

Inadequate storage of these products is often one of the most common errors. It is important that you check the product label so that you can store it correctly.


Try to avoid using cannabis that has been treated with conventional fungicides, as these toxic substances are harmful to human health and the environment.

To avoid fungus and diseases works on preventing them. However, if you already have fungal problems it is advisable also look for the causes of the problem to find a real solution.

In any case, maintain hygiene in your growing area and control factors such as temperature and humidity, among others.

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