Can marijuana cuttings grow into male plants?

Written by on 4 August, 2022

Can marijuana cuttings become male plants? This is a question that some beginner marijuana growers may have, if this is your case, stay tuned, we will tell you about it.

It is normal that you worry if your cuttings could become male plants because this type of strains usually produce seeds instead of buds rich in cannabinoids as female plants do.

Marijuana cuttings

To clarify your concern, it is important to keep in mind that marijuana cuttings are clones of a mother plant, and these are obtained by cutting a branch from it. This alternative of growing allows to preserve in an identical way the genetic traits of that variety.

If you obtain cuttings from a female cannabis plant, they cannot become males. However, they could become hermaphrodites, as a result of stress or genetics.

Also, if the mother plant tends to exhibit hermaphrodite qualities, the cuttings will inherit those genes.

To avoid any mishaps with your marijuana clones, it is best to take care of every detail of the growing process. For example, place the fluorescent lights at the most appropriate distance, some people recommend that the distance between the bulbs and clones should be about 18cm.

Also, remember that for the cuttings to root, they need to maintain a high humidity during the first days (between 80 and 90%).


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