Calculate the optimal distance between lights and marijuana plants with these easy tips

Written by on 6 December, 2022

Hanging lights in your closet or grow room is only part of the job, as you’ll also need to make sure the distance between your bulbs and your cannabis plants is just right.

If your indoor plants receive too little or too much light, you’re likely to get underperforming strains or diseased specimens.

Determining the optimal distance between lights and plants really depends on certain factors such as the type of bulb or the age of the strains, however, to help you calculate the most appropriate distance, we will give you two basic tips.

1- Check for signs of mild stress

Monitoring is one of the best ways to determine the right distance between plants and lights. It is also an option that does not cost money.

If you constantly check your mote and notice bleached, curled, yellowed, dry or crumbling leaves, particularly those closest to the light, this may indicate light or heat stress. If you notice these symptoms, the best thing to do is to move the lights a little further away from your plants and watch for improvement.

2- Test with your hand

Another easy way to check if your flowers are getting too much light is to test with your hand.

Place your hand under the light at the canopy level of your plant. If you manage to hold your hand in that position comfortably for about 30 seconds without it getting hot, then it should also be a safe distance for your girls.








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