7 useful tips for beginner growers

Written by on 27 July, 2022

As a beginner cannabis grower you may have many doubts about the world of cannabis growing and it is normal, what you should do is to constantly inform yourself about the subject.

To help you learn about growing marijuana, we will give you some basic tips you should know.

1- Germinate in a place with low lighting 

Cannabis seeds need a dark environment to germinate. It is recommended to germinate seeds indoors in a dark closet. Grow lights are not necessary until after germination.

2- Start with few plants

For novice growers the ideal is to start with small harvests, only a few plants will be necessary. Keep in mind that it will be easier for the grower. Beginners can start growing with 1 or 4 cannabis plants.

3- Grow one plant per pot

Growers generally recommend not to grow several plants per container because they will compete both at the aerial and root level.

When the seeds germinate, the plants will compete for the little space available for their roots. Also, the strains in the same pot will fight for the illumination.

4- Do not use water that is too cold or too hot

It is important that the water you use to water your cannabis strains has an adequate temperature. Keep in mind that water that is too cold or too hot can cause nutritional problems. It is recommended that the water temperature be around 23ºC, however, others advise that it should be between 20 and 25ºC.

5- Use Potassium Soap for pests 

There are several ways to keep pests away, using potassium soap for example, can help. This is a type of ecological soap made from potassium salts. It has no toxic compounds, and is ideal for preventing and eliminating certain types of pests and fungi in the marijuana growing.

6- Cut your buds at the best time of the day 

Some people consider that the best time to harvest the fruits of marijuana is early in the morning, when growing outdoors, or when the lights or lamps have just been turned on, if you grow indoors.

7- Pruning in the vegetative stage 

There are different pruning techniques, among the best known are FIM pruning and apical pruning. It is important that you perform each of these methods at the right time, it is generally recommended to do them in the vegetative stage.





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