Why shouldn’t you smoke marijuana that is mold? 

Written by on 30 August, 2022

Marijuana can become moldy because of moisture. If your harvested pot is not properly dried and cured before being stored, that container will become the ideal place for fungal growth.

It is very important for marijuana users when smoking their buds to make sure that their Mary Jane is free of mold. Otherwise, they may suffer very negative health consequences.

Moldy marijuana can cause excessive coughing, lung irritation, nausea, among others.

Remember then that moldy cannabis should not be consumed, moreover, these moldy buds will be poor in aroma, flavor and effects.

How to detect that your buds have mold? 

To know if your pot has mold, there are some signs you can look for. For example, moldy buds have a grayish-white appearance that is usually “dustier” than the shiny, resinous coating of trichomes.

Also, moldy buds tend to have an odor reminiscent of hay or a damp basement.

To prevent your precious buds from getting moldy, you should store them as well as possible. Store your pot in a safe, cool, dark, dry, airtight container.

Also, as we mentioned, always test your cannabis before using it, especially if you have had your marijuana for a while.





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