Why should you use a Cavi Cone to get high? 

Written by on 5 November, 2022

On your visits to the dispensary, you’ve probably seen a Cavi Cone or taken a puff on one at a friend’s house, but you may not know what it’s all about.

Cavi Cones are pre-rolled conical joints with more than just buds inside. These marijuana cigarettes are a perfect combination of cannabis-based products: buds concentrates in the form of wax or oil and kief.

If you are looking for an option to get high and fly, these should be among your alternatives. They are also perfect for sharing with your smoking friends.

One of the reasons to go for a Cavi Cone is that this combination of ingredients considerably increases the potency of the final product, so it is perfect for more experienced consumers. These usually carry a high amount of THC.

Another reason why you should consider Cavi Cone as your next guest in your morning smoke sessions is that this joint is not only potent but also produces smoke with a more intense flavor than conventional joints.

Also, some come with added flavors such as vanilla, grape, and berries. This added flavor should not affect the incredible high you are sure to get from a quality, Cavi Cone.











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