Ways to keep your marijuana fresh 

Written by on 1 August, 2022

If you don’t store your weed properly, it’s likely that over time your buds will dry out and lose their potency, so they won’t give you the same high as they did in the beginning.

If your flowers have a musty or sour smell, it’s best to forget about them. Likewise, if they are crunchy and disintegrate between your fingers, it’s a sign that their time has passed.

What can you do to extend the life of your plants? Put these tips into practice and maintain the freshness and flavor of your Mary Jane.

1- Use an airtight glass jar 

Keeping your weed away from the air can prevent bacteria and moisture from eating away at the quality of your cannabis. It is generally recommended to use a glass jar, you must make sure you don’t overcrowd it and that the lid closes properly.

2- Avoid sunlight 

Store your buds in a safe place, as sunlight can ruin them, dry out your flowers and some even say it can deteriorate the taste, that’s why it is advised to store glass jars in a cool and dark place.

3- Get humidity packs 

This is an interesting way to prevent mold inside a glass jar. Also, remember that it is important to keep humidity levels stable, because they can affect the potency of marijuana and prevent it from drying out.

4- Forget about plastic 

Plastic bags are often used by stoners because they are cheaper than glass jars, however, it is recommended not to use them to store cannabis, as they can dry out your pot faster.




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