Tips for a better smoke

Written by on 19 September, 2022

Good smoke! It’s time to take your bong, vaporizer, or roll up some joints and enjoy your exquisite and psychoactive marijuana buds.

After a stressful day, smoking your weed at home is always a good plan. As a smoker, you care about making every experience unforgettable; therefore, we will give you 3 tips to better smoke.

1- Use an Ice Bong 

Ice Bongs are ideal for users looking to improve their smoke. They are very similar to a regular bong, only that they have a compartment to place ice cubes.

These devices allow you to cool your experience resulting in smoke that will be smooth and delicious will enjoy all the flavors of your weed.

2- Use unbleached rolling papers

If you are one of the smokers who prefer to dabble in the art of rolling joints, then you will have to choose the rolling paper that suits you best.

As for tips, it is recommended to use unbleached rolling papers this way; the combustion will be much cleaner and uniform. Keep in mind that if you use good rolling paper, the quality of your smoke can improve.

3- Avoid smoking old cannabis

When you’re going to enjoy a smoke session, a practical and ideal tip to get good puffs is that your Mary Jane should be of quality because if your weed is old and dry when you smoke it, it will most likely produce a rough smoke, which is not pleasant.











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