Techniques to rehydrate your cannabis buds

Written by on 2 June, 2022

If your buds are too dry, don’t panic, because fortunately there are various techniques with which you can rehydrate your precious buds. In this post, we will give you three of them. So take note.

1) Use freshly harvested buds

If for some reason you dried your buds too much or simply when you went to get your vegetable matter, it was already very dry, what you can do to rehydrate it is to place the dried buds and the freshly harvested ones inside a container.

You will see when the fresh buds are mixed with the dry ones, the humidity will be distributed and you will obtain an excellent cannabis. Try to prevent your marijuana from getting too wet, check it constantly and make sure there is no mold.

2) Fruit skin

To rehydrate your buds you can try using the skin of some fruits like orange or apple. For this trick, you only have to introduce the skin of the orange or apple in an airtight container next to your dried buds. Keep the container closed for a few hours (at least two hours, and check the container constantly).

Be careful. Do not leave the cannabis too long in the container with the fruit peel because it could cause mold. When applying this technique, make sure that there is no fruit on the skin, so that you prevent the juice from wetting your cannabis.

Another thing to keep in mind is that unlike the orange, the apple does not add as much aroma and flavor to the marijuana buds.

3) Wet paper

With this method, you should do the following: wet some kitchen paper and place it on top of the container containing the buds, and put the lid on. Leave it there for a few hours and make sure that the paper does not touch your vegetable matter.

Final considerations

While it is true that your cannabis will not be exactly as it was before, these are some alternatives to rehydrate them.

We advise you that if the marijuana is very dry (to the point that it seems a dry shredded powder), get rid of it, so that it does not contaminate the rest of the plants that are in better state.

In addition, we recommend that you perform these techniques to rehydrate the buds with great care, to avoid the presence and formation of mold. Remember that marijuana with mold cannot be consumed, as it could be harmful to health.

On the other hand, try to store your cannabis properly and perform the techniques of drying and curing, among others.




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