Know how long the effect of marijuana lasts

Written by on 19 October, 2020

If you like, the marijuana and the psychoactive effects that this one produces, it is ideal that you know, if still you do not know it, how long those sensations last, since there are diverse factors that can influence in it. If you are interested in knowing more details, look at this post.

Aspects that influence the duration of the effects of the cannabis

1- Method of Consumption

To enjoy a good strain of cannabis there are many forms of consumption, among the most common methods are smoking a joint or eating a food.

Depending on the alternative that you select, the duration of the effect can vary according to it. When inhaled, the time of duration is usually one to two hours, while when you eat a delicious cannabic dish; the effect can last up to 6 hours.

When you smoke, the effect is faster than when you ingest it, since with an edible it can take up to 1 or 2 hours, because with this method, the cannabis must go through a digestive process. It is recommended that when you consume edible you do it with moderation and that you wait to feel the effects of the marijuana before trying another mouthful.

2- Type of strain

The variety of marijuana you choose to consume is also a factor that can influence the duration of the effect of your plant.

In the cannabis market there are many types of marijuana, some contain higher levels of THC than others do, so those that have more of this psychoactive component probably contribute to a longer effect.

If you are a beginner, and you want to avoid a very intense experience, it would be ideal to begin with a variety with a moderate or low THC content.

3- Quantity

The amount of cannabis you consume can also determine the duration of your effect. It is not the same to give a few puffs as smoking a joint, that could you stay high.

4- Tolerance

This is another important point to note.  The effects of cannabis can vary from one person to another, it all depends on the level of tolerance you have. For the novice users the effect perhaps is more prolonged, in comparison with some veteran user.


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