Can be smoked the cannabis leaves?

Written by on 24 October, 2020

Smoking cannabis is one of the fastest alternatives to get high, so it’s probably your favorite method.

Usually, smokers look for good quality buds to better enjoy their experience, but it is likely that at some point they have thought about smoking the leaves of their plant too. Look at this post.

Is it ideal to smoke cannabis leaves?

This is a question that perhaps many cannabis users have. Previously they were smoked; however, in some cultures it is still done.

The leaves as well as other parts of the plant contain THC; nevertheless, the leaves have less power and content of cannabinoids compared to the buds, which is where more the psychoactive components of the cannabis are concentrated.

In order to use the leaves many users prick them and mix them with the material that they obtain of the bud. There are those who prefer not to add them to the joint because they assure that the flavor is slightly modified, so, everything will depend on you.

Just be careful with some of the leaves (the biggest ones) because if the plant was treated with fertilizers you can probably find some chemical residues. Unlike the leaves that are closer to the bud, since they are loaded with resin.


If you prefer not to smoke your cannabis leaves, don’t worry, you can take advantage of them in other ways, such as making a delicious marijuana tea.

In addition, to notice the appearance of your leaves of cannabis is a good thermometer to know the state of health of your plants, since if these become yellowish or brittle can be due to nutritional deficiencies, excess of irrigation among others.


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