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When it comes to getting “high” with cannabis, any time can be ideal, whether in the morning, in the afternoons off, at night before going to sleep, in short. Well, choosing the most suitable occasion to smoke a joint will depend on each stoner, but you’ll agree with us that there are certain times when […]

When it comes to getting high with cannabis, bongs present themselves as a great alternative for many smokers as this method is generally easy to use and offers smooth and cool hits. As you may know, the bongs available on the market vary in size, colors, design, and the material they are made of. Well, […]

When it comes to enjoying marijuana, many smokers are looking for new alternatives to add an extra pinch of potency to their joint, one way to do it is with twaxing. As you know, twaxing consists in adding some concentrate to a joint, blunt or a bowl with marijuana buds. This method will undoubtedly offer […]

Many smokers will agree that there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a good trip in the company of weed, and if this is of great potency and delicious flavors even better. Well, to make your experience with weed much more pleasurable, today we will give you 3 tips to get you high with this […]

To enjoy the weed smokers can use different devices, one of the most popular and looking for after by users are the marijuana pipes. Well, if you also like to smoke your Mary Jane with this device, you are probably wondering how to clean it properly after using it, fortunately, there are ways to do […]

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