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Marijuana is a plant that is used for many purposes, even for those moments when you need to let your ideas flow more than one of you will have smoked a joint. Well, to find the inspiration you need, choosing a good strain of pot is essential, but the dosage can also be key in […]

Once you harvest your buds, they go through a drying and curing process and are ready to smoke, you will likely have more bud than is going to consume and prefer to save it for later. You will need to find a method of storing your stash so that it doesn’t lose its qualities. You […]

If you want to live a different experience with weed, a great idea is to take your backpack, get out of the house and smoke your Mary Jane outdoors. Going hiking, walking in the mountains, going to the beach or any other outdoor location is the perfect plan to enjoy a smoke session and connect […]

If you are a marijuana lover you will know that there is nothing more pleasant than enjoying the weed, relaxing on the couch and traveling to space, well, to achieve this, it is ideal that you plan your smoke session so that everything goes perfect. Whether you are going to smoke your Mary Jane alone […]

You will probably agree with us that there is nothing more pleasant for a smoker than enjoying all the qualities of his Mary Jane to the fullest, its peculiar taste, aroma and psychoactive effect. Well, it’s important for you to know that there are several factors that can contribute to the fact that that good […]

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