Vapear y dabear son dos potentes y efectivas formas de colocarse en el mundo moderno. Ambos métodos tienen sus ventajas, que hacen que sean 2 de las técnicas más populares para ingerir cannabis en la actualidad. ¡Vamos a ver! Sigue con nosotros, te gustará toda la información que tenemos para ti. El porro ha sido […]

La industria cannábica se ha extendido tanto, que ahora tienes la oportunidad de elegir entre un sinfín de dispositivos y productos para consumir marihuana. La verdad es que en el mercado hay cada vez más, modelos para elegir. Sí estás buscando un dispositivo para ti, quizás las pipas de una sola calada pueden ser ideales […]

Have you ever smoked a pre-rolled joint? Surely yes, well, the Cavi Cones are similar, but they offer you a much greater experience. You will see, this product is made with more than just buds inside, because it also contains some marijuana concentrates and Kief. If you are attracted to these pre-rolled conical joints, then […]

Every cannabis consumer seeks to have a pleasurable experience with the plant, whether it is a sativa or an indica. Well, with a few puffs, the smoker can feel incomparable sensations, therefore, it is very important that these are pleasant, but that varies greatly according to the tastes of each consumer, however, no one can […]

Going camping with friends and spending some time outdoors is an alternative to relax and get out of the routine, especially if cannabis accompanies you on that trip. Take a break this summer, prepare your bag and get ready to go camping, and enjoy a 420 session. Smoking or vaping is one of the easiest […]

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