As a marijuana user, you will know that one of the first steps to prepare a joint is precisely to grind or cut the buds of your weed. There are different alternatives to grinding a marijuana flower, and learning the difference between them could be the key to improving your cannabis experience. Here’s a look […]

As a regular cannabis consumer, you have probably already experimented with different methods to enjoy your Mary Jane. Joints, bongs or pipes are usually the most common; however, the cannabis world is so wide that there are other more unusual ways to consume cannabis. No matter how experienced you are, you may not know them, […]

Marijuana tea is becoming an increasingly popular option for cannabis users, and how could it not be if this method. In addition to bringing you several therapeutic benefits, it is a delicious alternative to continue enjoying TCH and CBD. Ideal to relax you on those stressful days these cold nights, marijuana tea is a perfect […]

Generally, many cannabis users prefer to enjoy their weed by smoking a good joint. If this is your case, you will know that when you burn your Mary Jane at high temperatures, many harmful chemicals, such as tar, are produced. Well, to get a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking experience here are a few tips […]

January 6th is around the corner, and of course, to celebrate this date as it deserves, a King’s cake can not be missing. This dessert, typical in countries like Spain or Mexico, is delicious and you will like it even more if you add the special touch of THC. Well, let’s not talk anymore and […]

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