Marijuana generates unique sensations and effects in each person. Some stoners may feel a little more joyful and others may simply awaken their creative side, just to give an example. Well, depending on the type of high you experience this will either make your 420 session enjoyable or a bust. That’s why in this post […]

Regardless of the method or device we choose to consume our marijuana flowers, we all want our experience with the weed to be pleasant, right? Well, if in your case you use a vaporizer to enjoy your Mary Jane, surely you are interested in knowing some tips to get the most out of it, if […]

Summer is one of the most awaited seasons, because in these months, people usually take the opportunity to vacation and enjoy their free time. Well, this season is coming, therefore, you should get ready for this moment, of course, and marijuana cannot be missing in your plans. To have a perfect 420 summer, stay tuned […]

When it comes to enjoying the psychoactive properties and effects of cannabis smoking this plant undoubtedly remains one of the preferred methods of consumption for many users. To smoke your weed you can choose from a variety of ways, one of the most popular is to use a bong, surely you have used one before, […]

All of us smokers love to enjoy a good marijuana strain, appreciate its flavors in every puff and experience its incredible psychoactive effects, ranging from energetic and invigorating highs to more relaxing and physical ones. Well, when it comes to smoking weed generally we all look for different alternatives to get out of the everyday, […]

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