The 4th of July is here, this day the Americans commemorate the independence of the United States, and better way to celebrate this date with your friends or family, and of course, in the company of marijuana. Yes, take advantage of this festivity, take out the bongs, the joints, and enjoy this Fourth of July […]

As everything smokes most surely it is that you love to smoke some good buds rich in THC or to prepare some delicious eatable psychoactive ones. Independently of the method that you choose to consume cannabis, of which one is to enjoy the mota. Nevertheless, it is probable that in some opportunity, you have experienced […]

All of us smokers love to enjoy a good marijuana strain, appreciate its flavors in every puff and experience its incredible psychoactive effects, ranging from energetic and invigorating highs to more relaxing and physical ones. Well, when it comes to smoking weed generally we all look for different alternatives to get out of the everyday, […]

Generally, many cannabis users prefer to enjoy their weed by smoking a good joint. If this is your case, you will know that when you burn your Mary Jane at high temperatures, many harmful chemicals, such as tar, are produced. Well, to get a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking experience here are a few tips […]

Usually, smokers who grow their own Mary Jane at harvest time are simply interested in the buds they are going to smoke, well, while we love those THC laden flowers too, there are other parts of the plant that can be put to good use. Yes, that’s right, the next time you think about throwing […]

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