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Working life can be a bit stressful in many cases: unfinished business, meetings, traffic, in short, which is why some people choose to find ways to rest and feel better. There are those who decide to do yoga or meditation, while others simply prefer to smoke a good strain of cannabis with a relaxing effect. […]

For those users who want to enjoy chocolate but at the same time smoke a joint, surely the variety Choco Bud feminized, Vision Seeds, will leave them speechless. You’ll see, this predominantly sativa strain will offer you that and more. Stay tuned for more details about this Mary Jane plant that will get your attention. […]

Marijuana is a wonderful plant capable of offering a diversity of psychoactive effects for all tastes. The indica strains are generally associated with the relaxing effects, while the sativas with those energizing and stimulating effects. If you prefer the latter, you are reading the post indicated for you, because here we will present you a […]

If you are one of those who likes to smoke a joint often and grow your own mota, you will surely be interested in exploring other experiences in this 2021. The best form to innovate like consumer and cannagrower is trying new varieties of Mary Jane. To help you to choose a new strain, here […]

When it’s cold there’s nothing like staying warm at home, relaxing or enjoying a movie. What do you think? If we give that moment, a psychoactive touch sounds good, right. Then keep reading this post because we’ll give you a top 3 of perfect strains to smoke this winter season. 1) Banana OG At the […]

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