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Growing autoflowering cannabis can offer you several advantages, one of them is that this type of strain has a fast flowering period and is usually very resistant. Although some time ago the autoflowering varieties were considered plants of marijuana of little productivity, the reality is that this tendency has been changing and now it is […]

When it comes to improving the results of the growing, applying the ScrOG technique is a very good alternative. ScrOG is a method that uses meshes or nets to guide the growth of the plant. As such, it is recommended to carry out this technique in those genetics that tends to branch more, as is […]

Many marijuana growers apply the low-stress training (LST) technique to increase their yields, so if these are your aspirations, you should implement this method in your growing. The truth this technique is a great way to increase the number of buds, and control the height of the plants, as well as make the most of […]

If you are fortunate enough to have a closet or grow room at home, you will probably want to start setting up your marijuana plantation. To start with, your indoor growing at home, in addition to having lamps, fans, pots, among others, you will have to choose the variety of marijuana you are going to […]

Choosing the right cannabis strain to grow can always make a difference. If you are starting your growth, opting for simple genetics will help you a lot. Review with us some marijuana strains easiest to grow, perfect for beginner growers. 1- Purple Punch from Zamnesia Seeds This cannabis plant can produce top-quality buds, and the […]

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