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One of the most important steps to set up a marijuana plantation is precisely to choose the type of strain to grow. If you are going to plant your marijuana outdoors, remember to choose the most suitable strain for your type of plantation. Some growers prefer strains that are fast flowering or have a good […]

If you are going to grow your marijuana plants at home, it is likely that you will have to do it in a closet or grow room. Generally, for this type of planting, you are looking for marijuana strains that are short and easy to maintain. Autoflowering strains and bush type indicas do not usually […]

When you spend a busy and stressful day at work, nothing better than getting home and smoking a good joint to relax. As you may know, cannabis is a perfect ally to achieve moments of relaxation. Here is a list of strains that are particularly effective in relieving stressful days. 1- Blue Cheese There is […]

There are different ways to grow marijuana, one of them is to grow it in a greenhouse. This growing alternative will allow you to protect your girls from bad weather and work in a more organized place. If you want to get a good result in your greenhouse, in addition to offering your marijuana plants […]

In this new year 2022 a good marijuana strain can’t be missing, therefore, here we will present you a list of autoflowering strains, from Fast Buds, rich in THC. These strains are resinous, be sure you will enjoy a great effect, get out your joint and try one of these! Gorilla Cookies Auto This is […]

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