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When it comes to choosing a hybrid marijuana strain that gives you the best of both worlds, Royal Queen Seeds’ Royal Runtz strain will definitely blow you away. Its high THC level (27%) and delicious flavors will provide an incredible trip to anyone who gives it a few hits. Say no more and learn more […]

If you are just starting to grow your own marijuana or simply want to save yourself more work on your next grow, it is ideal to choose a cannabis strain that is easy to grow. A perfect candidate to consider the next time you want to choose a Mary Jane strain is the Mango Sapphire […]

When it comes to choosing an autoflowering cannabis strain to smoke or grow, the Purple Lemonade strain from Fast Buds will blow your mind. This beautiful purple plant can give you an uplifting effect with a very pleasant body relaxation, but say no more! Keep reading this post and find out other interesting details about […]

When it comes to choosing a cannabis strain to smoke or grow in your garden or closet, indica strains are without a doubt a fantastic option to consider. Luckily, in the cannabis market there are many strains with these genetics, so, you will have the possibility to choose your favorite one. Are you interested in […]

For some, spending Valentine’s Day without a partner can be distressing, but what better company than a good marijuana strain. Yes, cheer up, make your own plans and enjoy the Delahaze cannabis strain, a variety of Paradise Seeds, you will fall in love with the qualities that this plant can offer you. Follow us and […]

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