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As with indoor or outdoor cultivation, when growing marijuana in a greenhouse you will also have to plan every detail of your plantation so that everything is in order. One of the aspects you should choose in advance is the seeds you are going to plant. Autoflowering marijuana is undoubtedly a type of cannabis that […]

When you start planning your marijuana growing, you must choose the most suitable cannabis genetics for your type of planting. If you are a beginner, it is best to choose; strains that are easy to grow. To select the most suitable marijuana strain for you take into account your budget the space you have available […]

Vertical growing is an innovative alternative to grow cannabis that allows you to save space, as well as it can help you to improve your production because in smaller areas you will be able to place more plants. Vertical marijuana growing consists of stacking cannabis strains vertically (one on top of the other) on special […]

If you are growing different strains of marijuana in your garden or grow room, it is very important that as a cannabis grower you learn to identify what type of strains the plants you are growing are. Remember that each species of marijuana has different needs and requires specific care, so you should not treat […]

Growing autoflowering marijuana pays off. If you have little space, this plant comes in handy because its small size allows you to grow them in small indoor rooms, and outdoors they are perfect if you need to be discreet. Also, depending on the variety, there are auto strains that contain high THC content, if this […]

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