To enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis to the fullest, it is ideal that you choose the right marijuana strain. You can choose to buy your weed from a dispensary or consume the marijuana flowers you grow yourself. If you still don’t know which cannabis strain to use to get high, this flower that we […]

When we grow our own cannabis we usually all want to obtain resinous and aromatic plants, but to achieve this, it is very important to choose the right cannabis strain. A Mary strain that will surely catch your attention not only for its potency, but also for the beauty of its flowers, is the hybrid […]

Many are stoners and cannabis lovers who decide to grow their weed, and well, the truth is that getting into the world of marijuana growing can be a really rewarding activity. Well, one of the first steps to start with your plantation is to choose the variety of cannabis that you are going to plant, […]

When we are about to smoke a marijuana strain, we usually all hope that the strains we buy in a dispensary or the buds we collect from our harvest will be tasty and resinous, right? Well, to get what we want so much, one of the first steps is to choose the right cannabis strain. […]

If you consider yourself, a stoner who loves cannabis strains with Kush genetics that are easy to growing, fast, and productive and that offer you an unbeatable taste and aroma, then the Big Kush marijuana strain will become your best ally. You will see this Dinafem Seeds’ specimen will reward you with very potent flowers […]

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