When you are going to smoke cannabis, you need to decide on a strain, luckily, in the cannabis market there are many different strains you can choose. Cannabis sativa flowers for example are one of those options you can consider. These strains are great for sharing with friends, as they usually won’t make you drowsy […]

For those growers and cannabis lovers who are looking for a marijuana strain that offers a delicious taste and also flowers fast, the Sweet Amnesia Haze strain may be close to what they are looking for. This Sweet Seeds strain is precisely a sativa-dominant plant of excellent quality and fast flowering. Characteristics The Sweet Amnesia […]

There’s nothing more satisfying for any grower than getting massive, high quality cannabis harvests. If you would also like to obtain those results, you will have to make an effort in the care of your plants. In addition to the above, it is also ideal to choose the right variety of cannabis, since some plants […]

Depending on the variety of cannabis that you choose you will be able to obtain a specific flavor, aroma and effect that is why, if you select a strain with the characteristics that more approach your tastes, surely you will enjoy to the maximum your experience. If you are a chocolate lover, then this post […]

Many are the people who manage to successfully grow their marijuana plants in small indoor rooms. Growing in small spaces offers several advantages, one of which is that it allows you to be more discreet. If you find the right strains for your type of plantation, you are likely to obtain satisfactory results. If your […]

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