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Marijuana growers should know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for plants to perform processes such as photosynthesis. CO2 is a gas that is present in the air. Plants extract this gas through respiration. Increasing the levels of this component in the growing (along with the right environment), helps the plant grow faster, more resistant, […]

If you are just starting your adventure in the world of outdoor marijuana growing, you’d better start with simple cannabis genetics. On the market you can find a wide variety of marijuana strains that grow very well outdoors and allow you to start your plantation without so many complications. Here is a list of cannabis […]

In recent years more and more artists have been expressing their love for marijuana, one of them is Jamaican rapper Sean Paul, who is an outspoken advocate of cannabis. In an interview with High Times, the producer and Grammy Award nominee for “Best Reggae Album” for his seventh studio album Live N Livin, talked about […]

Cannabis plants need water to grow. Although it is not difficult to water marijuana strains, many growers make mistakes when it comes to watering their flowers. Poor watering can lead to growth problems, nutrient deficiency, or disease in your strains, hence the importance of knowing how to do it correctly. Amount of water  Numerous circumstances […]

If your buds are too dry, don’t panic, because fortunately there are various techniques with which you can rehydrate your precious buds. In this post, we will give you three of them. So take note. 1) Use freshly harvested buds If for some reason you dried your buds too much or simply when you went […]

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