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Marijuana policies have gradually been changing in various countries and companies. In the case of Apple, the U.S. technology company will now allow marijuana delivery services to be hosted on its App Store. The bitten apple company updated its policies around marijuana; however, it kept some restrictions. A marijuana app will have to be geolocated […]

In the United States, more and more states are making proposals to change their policies on marijuana use. In Ohio, for example, two legislators announced that they have plans to introduce a bill to legalize recreational cannabis. Democratic state representatives Casey Weinstein of Hodson and Terrence Upchurch of Cleveland drafted a legislative proposal that calls […]

Although marijuana for adult and medical purposes is legal in more than 15 states in the United States, the use of the plant at the federal level is still not allowed. However, the efforts to lift those prohibitions in the American territory do not end. This Wednesday, June 14, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) […]

The policy on the use of marijuana in combat sports has gradually become more flexible in the United States, as is the case in Nevada, where sports regulators voted to eliminate penalties for boxers and MMA fighters who test positive for marijuana. That’s right, the Nevada Athletic Commission, the body in charge of regulating combat […]

After the news broke that U.S. runner Sha’Carri Richardson will not compete in the Tokyo Olympics after being sanctioned for testing positive for marijuana, reactions from different political and sports sectors were quick to follow. For example, a group of 18 congressional legislators signed a letter condemning the sprinter’s suspension and requested that the governing […]

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