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The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee is in favor of a measure that would allow U.S. intelligence agencies to hire applicants who have used marijuana in the past. The measure sponsored by Democratic Senator Ron Wyden is now “attached to the Intelligence Authorization Act, which still must pass both chambers before potentially heading to the president’s […]

Snoop Dogg, one of the most popular American rappers in the world and renowned marijuana smoker raises the salary of the person in charge of rolling his cannabis joints. The singer mentioned on Twitter that he raised the salary of his “P.B.R.”, that is to say “Professional blunt roller” or professional marijuana joint roller (as […]

Hydroponic marijuana refers to plants that are grown in a nutrient-rich water solution instead of soil. Many growers have decided to switch to hydroponic marijuana growing. The truth is that this alternative provides great yields and the plants will grow fast. Although many people choose to implement this method indoors, you really don’t have to […]

The tastes and preferences of each generation can be different; as far as alcohol and cannabis consumption is concerned, it seems that Generation Z is more inclined towards the latter, according to recent research. According to the study conducted by New Frontier Data, a firm that specializes in cannabis policy research, 69% of people between […]

Although the laws surrounding cannabis growing are becoming more flexible in several countries, there are still many people who are critical of the issue, so it is best to keep your growing secret. Learning to maintain discretion is key if you want no one to know about your marijuana plantation, and it will also help […]

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