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When you run out of marijuana buds to smoke you have probably at some point thought about using the leftover cannabis stems but is it really a good idea to smoke them? Generally, stoners want to take advantage of every part of their weed, but when it comes to smoking marijuana stems, you need to […]

Marijuana can become moldy because of moisture. If your harvested pot is not properly dried and cured before being stored, that container will become the ideal place for fungal growth. It is very important for marijuana users when smoking their buds to make sure that their Mary Jane is free of mold. Otherwise, they may […]

If you prefer to be more discreet, at home there are several indoor places where you can grow your marijuana plants. Here is a list of spaces or places where you can set up your own cannabis plantation inside your home. 1- Room or grow room  Empty rooms, attics, basements, among others, can be used […]

In the state of Florida, the group Smart & Safe Florida recently launched a campaign to legalize that anyone over 21 years of age can buy and consume recreational marijuana. This initiative seeks to put to a vote in the 2024 elections a constitutional amendment that would allow the recreational use of the plant in […]

Dominican David Ortiz, the former Major League Baseball player known as “Big Papi,” has partnered with cannabis company Rev Brands to launch a new line of products called “Papi Cannabis.” The brand’s products will be available at Rev Clinics and other partner dispensaries in the Massachusetts area. According to the product’s website “with its medicinal […]

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