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Although the laws surrounding cannabis growing are becoming more flexible in several countries, there are still many people who are critical of the issue, so it is best to keep your growing secret. Learning to maintain discretion is key if you want no one to know about your marijuana plantation, and it will also help […]

There is nothing more satisfying for a smoker than finding a partner who also shares his taste for cannabis, right? However, not everyone is lucky enough to get it. Many times you fall in love with the one you least expect. If your pair simply confesses you that, it hates that you smoke mota that […]

Many cannabis growers choose to grow their Mary Jane indoors or in their home garden, but there are also those who prefer to grow their marijuana in mountainous areas. If you prefer the tranquility and solitude of mountain growing at high altitudes, it is important that you choose the right marijuana strain, as not all […]

Marijuana growers should know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is essential for plants to perform processes such as photosynthesis. CO2 is a gas that is present in the air. Plants extract this gas through respiration. Increasing the levels of this component in the growing (along with the right environment), helps the plant grow faster, more resistant, […]

If you are just starting your adventure in the world of outdoor marijuana growing, you’d better start with simple cannabis genetics. On the market you can find a wide variety of marijuana strains that grow very well outdoors and allow you to start your plantation without so many complications. Here is a list of cannabis […]

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