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Although recreational and medical cannabis has been legalized in some countries, in many places marijuana is still considered taboo, so talking to your family or friends about your preference for the drug can be a bit tricky. Don’t be afraid, it’s time for you to come clean. To make your task easier, take note of […]

Walks along rivers, through wild fields or even in the forest are an excellent way to escape from the everyday and connect with nature.  In addition, what better than using cannabis to enhance your outdoor experience? Follow us and take note of some tips on how to make the most of a walk with marijuana. […]

If you want to vaporize or enjoy a good joint with a quite potent and THC-rich strain, then you’d better keep reading this post, here we are going to present you a top 3 of the most psychoactive cannabis strains, so you can choose the one that catches your attention and fly high! 1- Runtz […]

Marijuana growers who want to obtain a marijuana strain that offers them a great taste, a pleasant effect and also rewards them with a good harvest, need to get to know the Wedding Crasher cannabis strain. This strain, from Royal Queen Seeds, is a great choice for growing at home. The resinous buds of this […]

Would you like to grow your marijuana flowers? Don’t know where to do it? Well, how about creating your own grow room at home? Sounds good! If you have a space of about one m2, that’s enough to get started. Home growing offers you many advantages: one of them is that you will be able […]

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