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The famous American singer Beyoncé surprised her fans after revealing that she is building her marijuana farm. That’s right; the artist said: she has a goal to get CBD, the compound with medicinal properties that cannabis possesses. “During my quarantine, I went from excess to creating positive rituals inspired by previous generations and putting my […]

Marijuana has been gradually making its way into elite sports, of course, the Olympic Games are no exception, the current edition of the sporting event, which ended this Sunday, athletes could use Cannabidiol (CBD) while preparing to attend the competition, a fact that occurs for the first time in the history of the Olympics. It […]

In Illinois, sales of legal recreational marijuana do not stop as last July the state’s dispensaries set a new record, driven in part by tourists attending the Lollapalooza music festival, held in Chicago. The recorded revenue figure reached nearly $128 million, according to the state’s Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). In this regard, […]

Traveling with marijuana in your luggage will no longer be a problem at New York airports, as officials and police officers at the air terminal will no longer seize this substance. That’s right! Passengers will be able to cross the security controls with a maximum amount of 85 grams of cannabis without fear of arrests […]

A study conducted by a real estate company revealed that home values are higher in those parts of the United States where marijuana is legal. That’s right, the research conducted by Clever Real Estate, based on Zillow data and U.S. Census information, concluded that between 2017 and 2019; “the value of homes for sale increased […]

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