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During the month of October, recreational marijuana sales in New Mexico broke records after surpassing $25 million, according to data from the state’s Cannabis Control Division (CCD). This is the first time New Mexico has reached that figure since the adult-use market was launched in April of this year. Medical marijuana sales, meanwhile, experienced a […]

There are those who prefer to grow cannabis outdoors because the plants in this type of plantations usually have more space, which translates into higher yields. It is ideal that for this type of growing you choose the most suitable marijuana strain, remember that not all strains are suitable for outdoor growing. Feminized strains for […]

On your visits to the dispensary, you’ve probably seen a Cavi Cone or taken a puff on one at a friend’s house, but you may not know what it’s all about. Cavi Cones are pre-rolled conical joints with more than just buds inside. These marijuana cigarettes are a perfect combination of cannabis-based products: buds concentrates […]

Cannabis plants need water to grow. Although it is not difficult to water marijuana strains, many growers make mistakes when it comes to watering their flowers. Poor watering can lead to growth problems, nutrient deficiency, or disease in your strains, hence the importance of knowing how to do it correctly. Amount of water  Numerous circumstances […]

Marijuana microgrowing consists of growing a small number of plants (often one or two) in a small space. As in indoor, in this type of plantations, which are usually carried out in mini-bars, closets, empty computer towers, among others, you will need equipment to ensure the right conditions for your flowers. As microgrowing is done […]

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