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Hanging lights in your closet or grow room is only part of the job, as you’ll also need to make sure the distance between your bulbs and your cannabis plants is just right. If your indoor plants receive too little or too much light, you’re likely to get underperforming strains or diseased specimens. Determining the […]

Regular cannabis consumption can become a very costly burden on your wallet. However, there are always some alternatives that you can apply to save a little money when it comes to marijuana consumption. This time we will give you some simple tips that you can take into account: 1) Opt for auto growing In many […]

In the cannabis world you can find a great variety of marijuana strains, those with autoflowering characteristics are always a good alternative to take into account. If you have decided to set up your own pot plantation, you can start by planting the Sweet Zenzation XL Auto strain, it offers you a high THC content […]

Stoners and recreational cannabis lovers will be able to legally purchase adult-use marijuana starting this Dec. 1 in Rhode Island. “Rhode Island’s rapid implementation (lawmakers approved recreational sales just six months ago) has presented some technical challenges, but also some budding opportunities for dispensaries and suppliers to regain business lost for years in neighboring Massachusetts,” […]

In the cannabis world there are many strains that you can choose for your plantation, if you have not yet decided on one, here we will introduce you to the variety Legendary OG Punch from Royal Queen Seeds, which can be a good candidate for growing. THC content and effects  This strain is able to […]

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