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Have you ever heard of runner’s high? Have you been curious to find out? Well, today we’re going to clear you of those doubts, because you’re going to find out with us.  What is Runner’s High?  The Oxford Dictionary defines it as “a feeling of well-being or euphoria resulting from physical exercise, especially running”. After […]

The time is 420! There is nothing better than smoking a joint at home without having to hide, however, many smokers are forced to make discreet and even lie, but enough is enough! It’s time for you to be honest and tell your parents that you are a mota lover. Telling your parents that you […]

A new trend in love affairs is weddings in the best “420 or Green Wedding” style. Do you want to know how big smokers get married? Stay with us and you will know how to get married accompanied by the main godmother, “Mary Jane”. Thanks to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in some […]

If you prefer to keep your cannabis plants under wraps, but you don’t know how to assemble a closet for indoor growing, don’t worry, here we will give you some indications so you can learn how to do it and get great results. You see, if you buy a closet, instead of building it by […]

To start the day in a good mood, there’s nothing like turning up the radio and listening to good music. Of course, pot can’t be missed! You see, the cannabis culture maintains that listening to smoked music offers you a superior experience, but why does this happen? Well, stay with us and learn more about […]

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