There are cannabis growers who prefer to opt for marijuana strains with autoflowering characteristics, these varieties tend to grow little, which is ideal if you want to keep your plantation hidden and be discreet. Now, if you also prefer autoflowering strains, but have not yet chosen a specific strain, we will introduce you to a […]

This year, according to Leafly Holdings, Inc, the marijuana strain that took all the spotlight was Jealousy, as it was chosen as the best of this 2022. Jealousy, a hybrid strain originating from the Southern California market, is a plant produced by Seed Junky Genetics and was elaborated after crossing between the Sherbert strain and […]

Starting next month, Connecticut cannabis users will be able to legally purchase recreational marijuana, as adult-use sales will begin in January 2023. As reviewed by Marijuana Moment the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) said “it has notified existing medical cannabis dispensaries that obtained a hybrid license that they may begin selling marijuana for the […]

The air circulation inside your grow room is very important to maintain healthy marijuana plants. Having a good ventilation system is essential; this is composed of elements such as: an extractor and intractor of air and a fan, precisely on the latter we will focus in this article. We will focus on this last one […]

If you are interested in the world of cannabis cultivation, surely at some point you have heard about the hydroponic system, this is a method that consists of growing marijuana in a water and nutrient solution. Hydroponics is an alternative that you can do with your own hands, if you want to know how you […]

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