When it comes to smoking a cannabis flower, there is nothing nicer than choosing a bud that offers you heavenly flavors with every puff. Well, as you may know, the ones responsible for giving your Mary Jane those fragrances and flavors are terpenes. Marijuana has many of these aromatic molecules, surely you have already heard […]

Legal marijuana sales in the United States continue unstopped, in Colorado for example, in the first quarter of this 2021, the state sold more than $500 million worth of cannabis, according to the state Department of Revenue (DOR). Specifically, Colorado’s medical and adult-use cannabis stores recorded $561.7 million in marijuana sales between the months of […]

In the United States, several states in the country have moved towards the legalization of cannabis and Minnesota does not want to be left behind, as this Thursday, the House of Representatives approved a bill that would allow adults over 21 years of age to use the plant for recreational purposes. After the legislative proposal […]

In several countries around the world, this Sunday is celebrated Mother’s Day, a holiday in honor of that special being who gave us life, who loves us and supports us in good times and bad. It is to admire the work that mothers do, to take care of their children. Especially, those cannabis moms, who […]

Just as Illinois set another record for legal marijuana sales in the state during the month of March, April followed suit. According to information reported by the state Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, in the fourth month of the year, Illinois collected $114,961,668, with almost 2.5 million cannabis products sold. The revenue raised is […]

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