When you grow your Mary Jane indoors, you’d probably like to get good yields from your grow without having to implement such complicated and time-consuming techniques, right? Well, one alternative that will probably help you achieve higher yields is by strategically using your grow lights. Keep reading this post, here we will tell you about […]

A study conducted by the University of Almeria, in Spain, concluded that young people who smoke marijuana and drink alcohol have better orgasms and better overall sexual function than those who abstain or consume less. “Sexual function in young people who consume cannabis and alcohol more frequently was shown to be better than those who […]

The first campaign ad of Gary Chambers, candidate for the United States Senate for the state of Louisiana, caused controversy as the Democratic candidate appears in a video smoking a large joint of marijuana. In the audiovisual material Chambers addresses the issue of the criminalization of cannabis users and denounces racial disparities in arrests for […]

Just as wine tasters try different types of wines to appreciate their qualities and judge their quality, marijuana is also tasted. Are you interested in this exciting activity? Well, if so, the best thing to do is to continue reading this post and we will give you some tips for you to carry out this […]

As reported by the Colorado Department of Revenue, the state collected a record $423 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales during 2021, which, surpasses the previous record set in 2020 of $387 million. Colorado in total has sold more than $2 billion in marijuana through November 2021, making it the second year in a […]

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