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Growing marijuana can be a very rewarding and entertaining activity. The truth is that it is quite exciting, but for everything to be in order, you must be very attentive to every detail. In this sense, in this opportunity we will speak to you about how to grow cannabis in a safe way. So continue […]

Luckily, in the world of marijuana growing when it comes to improving the yield of the plantation, many techniques can be very useful. As a cannabis grower, if your intention is to increase your cannabis harvests, you can use is defoliation, but what is it? It follows with us and knows more details. Defoliation of […]

When it comes to growing your marijuana plants at home, there are several places you can consider for it. Whether you want to grow your weed in your garden or on your balcony at home, it is important that as a cannabis grower you take into account certain aspects to choose the most suitable place. […]

If you do not have a large garden to grow your weed outdoors, do not be discouraged, because thanks to technology you can create the ideal conditions for your plants to grow perfectly indoors. That’s right, nowadays you can acquire a wide variety of equipment and tools that can make your job as an indoor […]

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse can bring you many advantages, one of which is that it combines some of the benefits of growing cannabis indoors and outdoors. In addition, with this type of growing you get a safer and more organized space to work. If you want to grow your own cannabis and have a […]

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