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Once your plants have gone through healthy vegetative growth and vigorous flowering, finally, after waiting for weeks, it will be time to harvest your cannabis plants. It is very important that you cut your buds properly if you still don’t know how to do it; we will tell you how you should harvest your weed. […]

To grow marijuana and improve the results of the harvest, cannabis growers use various techniques, some of which are similar, so if you do not know each method well, it is normal that you can get confused. Defoliation and lollipopping, for example, are two methods that are often confused, but the truth is that they […]

Growing marijuana at home is an increasingly popular activity, and many stoners are now interested in growing their weed. The truth is that setting up your growth can offer many advantages. To ensure that your home growth is successful, you must provide your girls with the care they need. Keep reading this post; we will […]

Coconut fiber is one of the ideal substrates for growing marijuana, you can use both for indoor and outdoor plantations, and the good is that you can get quality marijuana. The truth is that if you decide to use coconut fiber in your growing, you can get several advantages. Coconut fiber is often used with […]

If space is a limiting factor to start with your cannabis growing, don’t worry, outdoors they also develop perfectly. Growing marijuana outdoors can bring you various advantages, but also disadvantages since your plants are at the mercy of nature. If you live in an area prone to bad weather, it may be ideal to force […]

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