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Marijuana is a plant that during its life cycle goes through different phases, one of the last is precisely the flowering stage. When your pot reaches this period, the buds will start to develop. The flowering stage is really fascinating, but, once it arrives, how long does it last? Well, here we tell you. How […]

Jiffy is one of the materials used both for germinating marijuana seeds and for rooting cuttings. This is a compact disc of pressed peat and soil or coconut fiber wrapped in a fine mesh, which when moistened increases in size. If you want to germinate your pot seeds with this element, likely, you are still […]

Cuttings are practically the cloning of a mother plant. This growing alternative can really offer you many advantages, one of them being that it allows you to preserve the genetic qualities of a particular strain. Growing from cuttings is not as complicated as it sounds, but what does it take to make marijuana clones? Here […]

There are pruning techniques that you can apply in your marijuana growing, apical pruning is one of the most known and used by cannabis growers, both indoors and outdoors. Applicant pruning, also known as a topping, basically consists of pruning the tip of the main stem of the cannabis plant. The top of the plant […]

Growing your Mary Jane outdoors will always be a great idea to reduce costs in your growing because unlike indoor plantations, outdoors some elements necessary for the growth of the plant, such as light and wind, are provided by nature. However, growing outdoors also implies an investment. If you have little budget to start growing […]

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