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Pruning marijuana is a task that is not usually complicated. It consists of removing leaves and branches from cannabis plants in a controlled manner so that they can focus their energy on other areas. This is a process that can bring many advantages to your marijuana growing. Keep reading this post and learn some reasons […]

Choosing the place where you’re going to plant your marijuana flowers is one of the first decisions you have to make as a cannabis grower. If you prefer to grow outdoors, there are places you can choose to plant your weed. The area you choose should have sufficient sun exposure, be isolated from animals or […]

If you are a beginner marijuana grower this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good harvest, because if you ensure all the conditions that your bud needs to grow the results can be quite good. To help you get amazing buds and improve your harvest we will present some simple tips for you to […]

Indoor growing cabinets are an excellent tool for growing marijuana, but how do you grow it in cabinets? Here are some tips. 1) Lighting Lighting is essential in the growth of cannabis, so you must use the right type and potency (depending on the period in which the plant is), and know the time when […]

To grow marijuana successfully one of the factors that can not miss is the lighting, therefore, you will have to buy lamps or bulbs to meet this requirement in your indoor plantation. You must choose the most suitable lighting system for your growing, before buying your lights keep in mind factors such as the power […]

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