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The goal of most cannabis growers is to harvest flowers full of resin; growing female plants could only achieve this. Remember that male cannabis strains do not produce buds. The male plants, although they are not very asked, are those that produce the pollen used to fertilize the female varieties in order to create seeds. […]

The germination is one of the first steps to begin with the marijuana growing. Getting your seeds to germinate is not a difficult task, however, if you are a beginner you can make certain mistakes that could keep your marijuana seeds from sprouting. Look at our website and learn about some of the most common […]

Humans are not the only ones who can suffer from stress, as plants like cannabis can also suffer from stress, and although in both cases a little stress can be positive, when this state is prolonged for too long it can be harmful. In this opportunity, we present you some of the types of stress […]

Growing your own marijuana is a task that can be very rewarding, if you want to get into this activity is important to choose the place where you will place your plants. If you don’t have a large plot of land at home to carry out your planting, don’t worry, there are other places where […]

The Monster Cropping technique consists in making clones of a cannabis plant that is in full bloom and passing them to the vegetative phase. This method is perfect for growers looking to get more buds. Monster Cropping, known as re-vegetation of cuttings is a relatively new growing technique, so, normally, you do not know how […]

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