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When growing our “Juanita” at home, space is usually limited, so growing a few small marijuana strains is always a good idea. Keep in mind that not all cannagrowers are lucky enough to have a large yard or garden to grow huge marijuana plants, but chances are they do have a spare bedroom, a closet […]

As you know, ScrOG (Screen of Green) is a method in which a grid is used to train marijuana plants to grow horizontally so that all parts of the plant receive the same amount of light. This technique is very popular among cannabis growers because with it you can not only make better use of […]

The technique is known as “main-lining” has gained some popularity among cannabis growers because this method allows increasing the yields of the plantation. In addition, it is not usually complicated to carry out. This is a training technique that combines several growing methods, including LST (low-stress training) and topping (apical pruning), to radically alter the […]

Mistakes made during the flowering phase can considerably affect the quality of the harvest, hence the importance of taking care of every detail during this last stage. To help you complete this phase and improve the flowering of your “Juanita” indoors, here are some simple tips. Tips to improve flowering 1- Prune excess foliage Before […]

Cannabis growers usually choose to grow several cannabis plants of the same species at the same time, but have you ever thought about growing different strains of marijuana in the same room? The truth is that growing different types of marijuana in the same grow room can offer you several advantages. To convince you of […]

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