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When growing indoors, space is usually limited, therefore, growing small cannabis plants is a great alternative and the best thing is that you can also get good results. Well, planting smaller cannabis has its advantages, even outdoors they are ideal for those moments when you want to plant your cannabis discreetly. Say no more, and […]

Do you tire of waiting for months between harvests to get your precious buds? Well, then the continuous marijuana growing method might be of interest to you. With a planting alternative you could harvest more than once a year, so you’ll have a much more constant supply of buds. Sounds great!  Stay with us and […]

As you may have noticed, in indoor marijuana growing plants receive different light cycles. In the vegetative phase it is common to have 18/6 lighting (18 hours of light and 6 hours of total darkness) while for the flowering stage a 12/12 light cycle is used. However, what if you implement a 12/12 marijuana growing […]

If you have reviewed some websites or social networks about marijuana growing you have surely seen images of exaggerated size plants, which even look like a montage, but the truth is that you can indeed grow those green monsters. You see, this is a form of growing where marijuana flowers grow almost without limitations, the […]

One of the most exciting stages of growing marijuana is undoubtedly the harvest time, when you can see and admire your precious and beloved buds. Well, as you know, there are signs that can guide you in determining when it is time to cut your flowers; however, surely at some point you have thought about […]

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