There are pruning techniques that you can apply in your marijuana growing, apical pruning is one of the most known and used by cannabis growers, both indoors and outdoors. Applicant pruning, also known as a topping, basically consists of pruning the tip of the main stem of the cannabis plant. The top of the plant […]

Growing your Mary Jane outdoors will always be a great idea to reduce costs in your growing because unlike indoor plantations, outdoors some elements necessary for the growth of the plant, such as light and wind, are provided by nature. However, growing outdoors also implies an investment. If you have little budget to start growing […]

Nowadays, there are many ways to grow marijuana, and guerrilla growing is precisely one of them. This alternative consists of planting cannabis in a secret place in the middle of nature or outdoors. Forests and less frequented places are usually the ideal places to set up this type of plantation. There are reasons why you […]

When you grow cannabis, even if you have years of experience, you are not exempt from mishaps and your growing presents certain symptoms over time, which, if you know how to interpret them immediately, you will be able to prevent the damage from spreading. Pests, fungus, excess or deficit of nutrients, are some of the […]

Autoflowering marijuana is undoubtedly one of the preferred options for both novice and veteran growers. These strains are generally an easy alternative to grow. They grow fast and flower without the need to make changes in the light cycle. Also, auto strains usually require little maintenance. However, you have to meet all the needs of […]

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