Although you probably think that starting your own grow at home is a very complicated activity, it really doesn’t have to be. Well, to help you get started with your weed plantation at home we will mention 7 basic steps that you must carry out, so let’s get to weed! 1- Define the growing area […]

As you know, after the harvest there are several processes that you have to carry out in order finally enjoy your resinous buds. Well, one of those tasks you have to do before smoking your Mary Jane is precisely drying your flowers. It is essential to perform this activity successfully so as not to compromise […]

All growers are excited to harvest their buds early to smoke them as soon as possible. Well, but as you may know, after harvesting your cannabis flowers there are still processes such as manicuring, drying and curing to enjoy your Mary Jane. The curing process for example, is one of the most important; if you […]

When you decide to grow your own weed, you most likely want the whole process to be a success. Well, to achieve this, it is ideal that you offer your girls the best conditions for their growth. However, despite your efforts to keep your outdoor growing up to date, certain inconveniences can always arise that […]

During your experience as a cannabis grower, you have probably heard about foxtails or foxtailing in marijuana plants. As you may know, this phenomenon drastically changes the physical appearance of pot flowers. Usually, the buds of cannabis strains are normally round, compact, and uniform, however, when foxtails appear, they take on a strange and irregular […]

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