When you start your own Mary Jane plantation, you must follow certain steps to carry out this process successfully, one of the most important is precisely the germination of your cannabis seeds. There are multiple germination methods that you can put into practice, some ranging from very simple techniques to more complex ones. Each grower […]

There’s nothing like having a good indoor growing closet or garden to plant our beloved marijuana, but when space is limited growing, your Mary Jane in a window of your house or apartment doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Yes, that’s right windows, are not a bad environment for growing cannabis. Here we will give […]

As you know, outdoors cannabis plants go from the vegetative phase to flowering on their own. However, in indoor growing the situation is very different because here you have to help them in this process. Yes, indoors, photoperiodic marijuana strains depend on you changing the light cycle to start flowering, but when is the right […]

If you are new to the world of cannabis growing, perhaps an excellent alternative to start your planting is to grow autoflowering cannabis, as these strains are fast flowering and usually very easy to plant. Regardless of whether you have a lot or little experience in growing marijuana, you most likely want to get a […]

Marijuana is a plant that can grow in various environments, can be planted outdoors or in the comfort of your grow room. Likewise, this famous flower can be grown in different environments; for example, you can plant it directly in the soil or grow it in pots. If you decide to use containers or pots […]

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