Jiffy is one of the materials used both for germinating marijuana seeds and for rooting cuttings. This is a compact disc of pressed peat and soil or coconut fiber wrapped in a fine mesh, which when moistened increases in size. If you want to germinate your pot seeds with this element, likely, you are still […]

Micro marijuana growing is like a correct indoor grow but on a much smaller scale. Thanks to new growing tools and different advances, micro growers can achieve excellent yields in these small spaces. If you have only a small area at home to grow your weed, don’t hesitate and set up your micro marijuana grow. […]

Growing marijuana from cuttings has many advantages, one of them for example is that you will save time in your plantation. Yes, that’s right, by using clones you will not have to wait for the seed to germinate and become a seedling of adequate size, because with this method you skip this stage. You only […]

When you grow your Mary Jane indoors, you’d probably like to get good yields from your grow without having to implement such complicated and time-consuming techniques, right? Well, one alternative that will probably help you achieve higher yields is by strategically using your grow lights. Keep reading this post, here we will tell you about […]

When you grow your own cannabis there are certain tools you can take into account to ensure that your flowers grow beautifully. The tutors are precisely one of those instruments that will be very useful to you in your plantation, because they do not only serve to help your plants grow straight, but to avoid […]

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