Taking care of every detail during the first stages of growing your weed is crucial. For example, the seedling stage deserves special attention because your girls are very small and fragile. Ideally, you should interpret their needs. In the case of lighting, if grown indoors, the cannabis grower is responsible for ensuring that this factor […]

Within the existing cannabis strains, auto-flowering marijuana strains stand out for their various qualities, fast growth, small size, in summary, some believe that this type of weed is less potent compared to photo-dependent marijuana flowers, but is that true? It is an interesting question because, despite the great popularity that auto strains have gained among […]

Just as light is an important factor for the growth of your marijuana plants, so is darkness. For example, photodependent strains need 12 hours of total darkness to achieve full flowering. However, this period without light is also essential to carry out other processes in the growing of your marijuana; here we mention what they […]

Harvest is undoubtedly one of the most awaited moments for cannabis growers because we are all eager to fill our pantry with succulent buds, right? Well, when it comes to cutting your flowers you must do it at the right time because if you are early or late you can cause the quality of the […]

If you want to achieve incredible results in your indoor marijuana plantation, as you may know, there are several factors you have to take into account to create the right environment for your girls to grow healthy. Well, in this post we will mention 3 key aspects that you have to guarantee in your weed […]

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