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In the cannabis world there are many strains that you can choose for your plantation, if you have not yet decided on one, here we will introduce you to the variety Legendary OG Punch from Royal Queen Seeds, which can be a good candidate for growing. THC content and effects  This strain is able to […]

Depending on where each cannabis grower lives, some prefer to keep their plantation a secret, either to protect their growing from thieves or curious neighbors. Well, one of the factors that can give away your indoor harvest is precisely the delicious fragrance that your cannabis flowers give off, so you will have to find an […]

If you use marijuana regularly, you may find that at certain times you get bored with your usual routine and even dissatisfied with the high you’re getting, but don’t worry! As long as you don’t miss the weed, there will always be ways to fix it. Keep reading this article; here are some tips to […]

Ensuring the proper development of your marijuana plants is one of the main goals you should set yourself as a cannabis grower. To achieve this, in addition to providing the right conditions for them to grow healthy, it is ideal to use techniques to protect your growth, such as, for example, installing tutors. Tutors are […]

Marijuana growers usually seek to increase the yield of their growing, therefore, they implement various techniques and tricks to meet their goal. So that you too can get the maximum amount of flowers possible from your plantation, we have compiled a list of tips that will surely be very useful. 1- Opt for larger pots […]

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