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One of the most exciting stages of growing marijuana is undoubtedly the harvest time, when you can see and admire your precious and beloved buds. Well, as you know, there are signs that can guide you in determining when it is time to cut your flowers; however, surely at some point you have thought about […]

Every cannabis consumer seeks to have a pleasurable experience with the plant, whether it is a sativa or an indica. Well, with a few puffs, the smoker can feel incomparable sensations, therefore, it is very important that these are pleasant, but that varies greatly according to the tastes of each consumer, however, no one can […]

As you know, unlike growing cannabis outdoors, where the sun is the source of illumination, indoors it is necessary to buy lamps or bulbs to fulfill this function. Having a good lighting system can make the difference between flowers with little production and beautiful plants full of resinous buds. Therefore, it is necessary that you […]

Stoners and recreational cannabis lovers will be able to legally purchase adult-use marijuana starting this Dec. 1 in Rhode Island. “Rhode Island’s rapid implementation (lawmakers approved recreational sales just six months ago) has presented some technical challenges, but also some budding opportunities for dispensaries and suppliers to regain business lost for years in neighboring Massachusetts,” […]

Marijuana plants enter the flowering phase when the light cycle provides more hours of uninterrupted darkness. It is just at this moment that your beautiful strains will start to concentrate their energy on the production of buds (flowers). Indoors, flowering will start if you change the light cycle from 18/6 (18 hours of light, 6 […]

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