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When growing our “Juanita” at home, space is usually limited, so growing a few small marijuana strains is always a good idea. Keep in mind that not all cannagrowers are lucky enough to have a large yard or garden to grow huge marijuana plants, but chances are they do have a spare bedroom, a closet […]

Marijuana sales in Illinois continue to leave substantial revenues. So far this year, the state’s cannabis retailers have sold nearly $1 billion in legal recreational marijuana products. That’s right, with September’s $100 million haul, Illinois has now recorded $997,067,100 in adult-use marijuana transactions this 2021. Also, it is important to note that this is the […]

Amaury Vergara, the owner of Chivas, one of Mexico’s most important soccer teams, announced he has plans to enter the marijuana business. In an interview with Milenio, the owner of the “Rebaño Sagrado” revealed that his company Omnilife Group is developing products with Cannabidiol (CBD) and emphasized the benefits of this cannabinoid. “We are already […]

As you know, ScrOG (Screen of Green) is a method in which a grid is used to train marijuana plants to grow horizontally so that all parts of the plant receive the same amount of light. This technique is very popular among cannabis growers because with it you can not only make better use of […]

The technique is known as “main-lining” has gained some popularity among cannabis growers because this method allows increasing the yields of the plantation. In addition, it is not usually complicated to carry out. This is a training technique that combines several growing methods, including LST (low-stress training) and topping (apical pruning), to radically alter the […]

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