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As a cannabis grower, you have probably grown several strains of marijuana, and you have probably liked some more than others have, in terms of taste, effect or aroma, among other characteristics. Well, the truth is that this is something very common, then, each grower is a world, and each one can prefer some features […]

Would you like to grow your own cannabis but have no free time? Well, do not be discouraged, there are ways to solve it. If you are a busy person and you want to plant Mary Jane, the best thing is that you take note of the advices that we are going to present you, […]

What was once a former federal prison in Warwick, New York, where people convicted of drug offenses and other crimes were held, will now become a cannabis production center. That’s right, one of the leading cannabis operators in the United States, Green Thumb Industries Inc. will build a modern marijuana campus on the site of […]

There is nothing more satisfying for every marijuana grower than watching their beloved plants develop properly, but what happens when their leaves start to dry out? In some cases dry cannabis leaves are normal, this is an indication, that some problem is going on. Look at this post and learn about the possible causes of […]

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is another celebrity who has decided to break into the marijuana business, as the 27-year-old songwriter has teamed up with Los Angeles, California-based Palms to launch a line of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes. The cannabis cigars are named after “Peaches”, just like one of the artist’s latest musical hits, included in his […]

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