To enjoy the psychoactive effects of cannabis to the fullest, it is ideal that you choose the right marijuana strain. You can choose to buy your weed from a dispensary or consume the marijuana flowers you grow yourself. If you still don’t know which cannabis strain to use to get high, this flower that we […]

If you want to achieve incredible results in your indoor marijuana plantation, as you may know, there are several factors you have to take into account to create the right environment for your girls to grow healthy. Well, in this post we will mention 3 key aspects that you have to guarantee in your weed […]

To grow marijuana and get fantastic results, cannabis growers manage to implement various methods or techniques, some more complicated than others. Well, one method that will undoubtedly be very useful to obtain higher yields is Monster Cropping. This technique, also known as re-vegetation of cuttings, basically consists of obtaining clones from a pot strain that […]

When growing indoors, space is usually limited, therefore, growing small cannabis plants is a great alternative and the best thing is that you can also get good results. Well, planting smaller cannabis has its advantages, even outdoors they are ideal for those moments when you want to plant your cannabis discreetly. Say no more, and […]

Marijuana generates unique sensations and effects in each person. Some stoners may feel a little more joyful and others may simply awaken their creative side, just to give an example. Well, depending on the type of high you experience this will either make your 420 session enjoyable or a bust. That’s why in this post […]

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