La industria cannábica se ha extendido tanto, que ahora tienes la oportunidad de elegir entre un sinfín de dispositivos y productos para consumir marihuana. La verdad es que en el mercado hay cada vez más, modelos para elegir. Sí estás buscando un dispositivo para ti, quizás las pipas de una sola calada pueden ser ideales […]

There are cannabis growers who prefer to opt for marijuana strains with autoflowering characteristics, these varieties tend to grow little, which is ideal if you want to keep your plantation hidden and be discreet. Now, if you also prefer autoflowering strains, but have not yet chosen a specific strain, we will introduce you to a […]

Jiffy is one of the materials used both for germinating marijuana seeds and for rooting cuttings. This is a compact disc of pressed peat and soil or coconut fiber wrapped in a fine mesh, which when moistened increases in size. If you want to germinate your pot seeds with this element, likely, you are still […]

This year, according to Leafly Holdings, Inc, the marijuana strain that took all the spotlight was Jealousy, as it was chosen as the best of this 2022. Jealousy, a hybrid strain originating from the Southern California market, is a plant produced by Seed Junky Genetics and was elaborated after crossing between the Sherbert strain and […]

Micro marijuana growing is like a correct indoor grow but on a much smaller scale. Thanks to new growing tools and different advances, micro growers can achieve excellent yields in these small spaces. If you have only a small area at home to grow your weed, don’t hesitate and set up your micro marijuana grow. […]

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