Marijuana consumption lounges in Nevada could open their doors later this year after the state’s Cannabis Enforcement Board will approve regulations on these establishments. In Nevada, recreational marijuana use has been legally permitted since 2017, but consumption of the substance is limited to people’s private residences. According to local news station KLAS , some of […]

Although you probably think that starting your own grow at home is a very complicated activity, it really doesn’t have to be. Well, to help you get started with your weed plantation at home we will mention 7 basic steps that you must carry out, so let’s get to weed! 1- Define the growing area […]

The 4th of July is here, this day the Americans commemorate the independence of the United States, and better way to celebrate this date with your friends or family, and of course, in the company of marijuana. Yes, take advantage of this festivity, take out the bongs, the joints, and enjoy this Fourth of July […]

As you know, after the harvest there are several processes that you have to carry out in order finally enjoy your resinous buds. Well, one of those tasks you have to do before smoking your Mary Jane is precisely drying your flowers. It is essential to perform this activity successfully so as not to compromise […]

Marijuana microgrowing consists of growing a small number of plants (often one or two) in a small space. As in indoor, in this type of plantations, which are usually carried out in mini-bars, closets, empty computer towers, among others, you will need equipment to ensure the right conditions for your flowers. As microgrowing is done […]

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