Para conseguir plantas de marihuana saludables, es muy importante le ofrezcas a tus niñas las condiciones y cuidados específicos que necesitan durante todo su cultivo de vida. Para ayudarte a cuidar tus plantas y que éstas crezcan sanas te daremos 3 consejos ideales. 1- Mantén las raíces en buen estado  Sin un sistema radicular sano […]

Whether you are a cannabis beginner or an experienced pot smoker, you have probably asked yourself at some point when is the best time to smoke marijuana? Well, the answer to this question really depends on the tastes and preferences of each individual smoker, so it’s difficult to pinpoint a “best” time to smoke pot. […]

Mississippi is closer to legalizing the medical marijuana market after state lawmakers approved an amended bill and sent the legislative proposal to Republican Gov. Tate Reeves’ office. Now, the state governor has five days, (except Sunday), to act on the bill. “If Reeves does nothing, it will become law. If he vetoes the bill, the […]

When you start your own Mary Jane plantation, you must follow certain steps to carry out this process successfully, one of the most important is precisely the germination of your cannabis seeds. There are multiple germination methods that you can put into practice, some ranging from very simple techniques to more complex ones. Each grower […]

One of the most important steps to set up a marijuana plantation is precisely to choose the type of strain to grow. If you are going to plant your marijuana outdoors, remember to choose the most suitable strain for your type of plantation. Some growers prefer strains that are fast flowering or have a good […]

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