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In the next post we present you the Gorilla Glue and its 3 best strains, it will give you a powerful high or will relieve you of chronic pain. Because in addition to recreational use it is also ideal for medicinal use.   Why is it called Gorilla? Its name is due to the stickiness […]

If you like to store your marijuana reserves for a long time, you should do so properly. Keep in mind that if you don’t take proper care of it, you risk losing it. Here’s how to take care of your pot for the long term. Storage conditions – The ideal relative humidity range for storing […]

The cannabis world has evolved over the years, every day more innovations are presented regarding marijuana, whether for recreational or medical purposes. Something very interesting is the extractions with a high THC content, and here we present you what they named “Dragon Ball”. Dragon Balls? They are named Dragon Balls because they bear a unique […]

We know that this month 04/2020 is a date to share weed and joints with good friends, celebrate and enjoy the group highs as much as you deserve; but in this time of pandemic, we must restrain ourselves from many things. However, we have good options for you. Whether you have your growing on hand […]

There are many who wonder, why is it 4/20? Smokers and specialists in the cannabis world, if they know it and that’s why this is the month to celebrate, to smoke, to vape, to spend “high” and enjoy a good “mota”. In the following post, we explain to you why 04/2020, is a date, which […]

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