How to roll a marijuana Backrolled Joint

Written by on 12 August, 2022

For many marijuana users and lovers, the simple act of rolling a joint is a ritual as relaxing as smoking. The rolling process is truly magical.

There are ways to roll a joint, this time we will explain how to do it from the inside out.

Rolling a Backrolled Joint allows you to eliminate the excess of paper because when you apply this technique, you roll the joint a way that you only use one layer of paper to cover the marijuana. The excess paper will be cut or burned. Thus, the smoke will be cleaner.

How to roll the joint backwards?

1- The first thing you will need to do to get started is to find the materials you will need.

Select your favorite cannabis strain, rolling papers, a grinder, a cardboard filter (already rolled).

2- Next, take the grinder and start to grind your bud. Once you are done, take the rolling papers out of the package. The next step is the most important.

3- Starting from the idea that you know, how to roll a joint, the main difference between the Backrolled Joint with the traditional rolling is the way you place the paper.

You will have to turn the rolling paper backwards, so the marijuana will be placed on the side of the paper that would normally be on the outside.

When you fold the paper, the glue strip should be on the outside facing you.

4- Now, you can place the filter on one end of the joint the glue is facing down.

Add your weed. With the help of your thumb and forefinger, pack the ground bud into the paper.

5- Finally, roll the joint so that the glue is underneath the paper, can lick the glue before roll so that it is well sealed when rolling. Make sure it is sufficiently pressed.

Glue the glue strip to the end of the fold. It will leave extra paper glue hanging out. Remove this paper by tearing it off or burning it. And that’s it, smoke your weed joint.

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