Do you have a bong? See how you can improve your experience

Written by on 18 November, 2022

In the cannabis market now are available a great variety of methods to consume marijuana. We can say that there is for all the tastes.

In this sense, if you are one of those who prefers the bongs, this post is indicated for you, because, in this occasion we will offer you 3 alternatives to the water of the bong, that could improve your experience.

Alternatives to water

The standard filter for bongs is water. This liquid filters out some of the toxic substances contained in cannabis smoke. As it passes through the water, the smoke is filtered and purified as it cools.

Although some people say that only water should be used for bongs, there are others who fill their bongs with other liquids besides water, to enhance the taste of the smoke. Here are 3 commonly used liquids:

1) Cranberry juice

For a fruity touch to the session, cranberry juice is an alternative that many users prefer. This juice thanks to its acidity could be useful to keep the bong clean.

Make sure that before you start your session, your bong is completely clean, so that you avoid consuming residues from previous sessions.

2) Tea

There are several types of tea, choose the one you like best and let it cool down and then add it to your bong. Smokers who are looking to explore new experiences often use tea.

3) Carbonated water

Carbonated water can be an excellent option. Lemon, peach, mango or strawberry are some of the flavors in which carbonated water comes. The flavor of this drink is subtle and soft.


As we told you before, water is the recommended liquid for bongs. The use of other liquids is up to you.

It is very important that you clean your bong after use, especially if you use sugary drinks. Also keep in mind that not all liquids are suitable, avoid using milk or alcoholic beverages, among others.


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