Different ways to smoke cannabis

Written by on 15 November, 2022

All of us smokers love to enjoy a good marijuana strain, appreciate its flavors in every puff and experience its incredible psychoactive effects, ranging from energetic and invigorating highs to more relaxing and physical ones.

Well, when it comes to smoking weed generally we all look for different alternatives to get out of the everyday, if you also like to experience new things then you are reading the right post, because we will tell you 3 different ways to smoke your weed.

1- Joint rolled with rose petals

Yes, just as you are reading, you can use rose petals to roll your joints, and these flowers can save your life on those days when you run out of rolling papers.

Also, many say that the floral flavor that the joint acquires is delicious. We recommend choosing varieties such as White Lavender, Kandy Kush, Sweet Skunk, among others, to roll your cigarettes.

2- Add concentrates to your joint

An ideal alternative to add a different touch to your joint is to add marijuana concentrates. With this form of consumption, you will enjoy a more potent smoke.

You can add any concentrate you want, just make sure that when you add it to your joint it does not come into contact with the rolling papers, otherwise your joint will burn unevenly.

3- Thai Sticks

Thai Sticks are a different way of smoking cannabis with which you will surely experience an incredible trip.

This potent cigarette is a joint made from different parts of the cannabis plant. Its preparation involves tying marijuana to a skewer, curing it and then wrapping it in marijuana leaves.

Are you tired of the routine? Then try any of these 3 alternatives and live a different 420 experience. Good smoke!


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