Congressional representation approves project to legalize marijuana in the United States

Written by on 4 December, 2020

December is month of good news and vindication to the plant of cannabis. In principle, the UN recognized the therapeutic value of the plant and excluded it from the list IV of prohibited substances, where it was listed since 1961. Then, the European Commission considered that the CBD could be sold as food. Now, the most recent thing happened this Friday, when the House of Representatives of the Congress with a democratic majority approved a project in favor of the legalization of the marijuana, a transcendental fact, since it is the first time that a representation of the legislative entity supports this type of measure.

The bill, named the “Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Elimination (MORE),” contemplates eliminating the cannabis plant from the federal drug programming system, as well as eradicating criminal penalties related to marijuana possession or erasing from the record this type of charge for individuals who have already been prosecuted.

In addition, it would open up the possibility of federal loans to the cannabis industry and prohibit denial of US citizenship based on previous cannabis-related crimes.

Vote supported MORE

A majority of Democrats and a fraction of Republicans, giving it a total of 228 votes in favor and 164 against, supported more.

The next step of the project is towards the Senate, where it will have to be approved by the majority, a complex task, but not impossible, if one takes into account that the approval of the Republicans is required. In the meantime, the marijuana is strong and is closer to its legalization at the federal level.

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