Mexican soccer club owner to enter a marijuana business

Written by on 11 October, 2021

Amaury Vergara, the owner of Chivas, one of Mexico’s most important soccer teams, announced he has plans to enter the marijuana business.

In an interview with Milenio, the owner of the “Rebaño Sagrado” revealed that his company Omnilife Group is developing products with Cannabidiol (CBD) and emphasized the benefits of this cannabinoid.

“We are already developing products with CBD because we have done research and development. We have realized that I have even tried them, I have consumed them; it is a great component to combat stress for people who need to sleep or with anxiety issues, emotional health. We are very interested in this market,” said Vergara.

The Mexican businessman said that they are still dealing with legal issues and bureaucratic documentation since there are still implications to develop a product with CBD. “It is a very complex issue because it involves many regulatory and legal issues that are different in each country.” Likewise, the company is awaiting legal approval for distribution in Mexico.

“Unfortunately, formal distribution is not yet permitted, although there is already informal distribution. I believe it is a matter of time, and when we can achieve it, we already have a product ready to be launched, and I believe we are going to kick the hell out of many competitors,” said Vergara.


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