What is the ideal temperature and humidity for the grow room?

Written by on 13 July, 2022

When you plant your own cannabis in a grow room or closet, you must guarantee your girls the best conditions for their development.

One of the factors that you should be aware of, and that many cannabis growers usually forget, is to keep factors such as temperature and humidity under control.

Well, if you ensure that the aforementioned factors are adequate, you are likely to get an enviable harvest. Stay tuned, we’ll tell you more about this topic.

Temperature and humidity

Depending on the life stage, your cannabis flowers are in, the temperature and humidity is different. To control these elements, luckily you can find several devices on the market.

A thermo-hygrometer will be very useful properly measure the temperature and humidity. In those moments in which you must increase the heat, a heater will be ideal, and when you need to reduce it, you will have to have an extraction or ventilation system.

You can also use a humidifier and dehumidifier to increase and decrease humidity rates.

Ideal humidity and temperature according to cannabis life stages 

1- Seedling and clone stage

Seedlings and clones prefer a high relative humidity, approximately 65 and 80%, while the ideal temperature with the lights on should be 20-25°C and with the lights off some recommend 21°C.

2- Vegetative stage

Plants in the vegetative stage are generally recommended to have a moderate humidity of around 55-70%, depending on the variety.

Some advice that the daytime temperature should be 22-28°C, while others say it should be maintained at 20-25°C.  During periods when there is no light, 18-24°C is recommended.

3- Flowering stage

In this phase your plants will develop the buds you love so much, here the humidity should be reduced to 40-50% even recommend reducing the relative humidity to 35-45%. Finally, avoid high temperatures, ideally 20-26 °C.

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