What happens if I move my indoor cannabis plants to outdoors?

Written by on 30 May, 2022

Marijuana is a plant that can be grown either in a grow room or outdoors, both alternatives can give you great results. Well, but is it possible to combine these two ways of growing? Can you move your plants from indoors to outdoors? What happens?

Well, keep reading this post; here we will talk about this topic and try to clear up all your doubts.

Moving cannabis plants from indoors to outdoors

Yes, although it may seem a bit illogical there are cannagrowers who start their Mary plantation in a grow room and then move their plants outdoors. The reason? Well, there are many reasons for this; one of them for example can be for the plant to spend the flowering phase outside or to solve technical failures of a lamp or growing device.

If you successfully move your plants from indoor to outdoor, what can happen is that you will enjoy more space for your girls to grow freely and you can improve the lighting of your plantation because your weed will enjoy natural sunlight, among other benefits.

What are the risks? If you do not carry out this procedure properly, several inconveniences can occur in your plantation.

For example, if you move your girls in the middle of the vegetative stage outdoors when the hours or length of the day are short. You run the risk of your Mary Jane flowering prematurely or, on the contrary, if you make the change of growing space when your plants are in full flowering period and, the hours of light they will receive outside are too many, you run the risk of reverting your plants to the vegetative stage.

Also, keep in mind that outdoors plants are subject to other environmental stress factors such as rain or strong winds.

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