Tips to maximize the production of autoflowering strains

Written by on 23 January, 2022

If you are new to the world of cannabis growing, perhaps an excellent alternative to start your planting is to grow autoflowering cannabis, as these strains are fast flowering and usually very easy to plant.

Regardless of whether you have a lot or little experience in growing marijuana, you most likely want to get a great harvest, which is why; here we will give you some tips to increase your production in the growing of auto strains.

1- Prepare yourself for growing

Although it seems obvious, this advice is very important to achieve abundant harvests of autoflowering strains. Remember that this type of varieties reach the flowering faster than the photoperiodic plants, so it will not give you much time to organize various aspects such as the type of pot, substrate, ventilation system that you will need, once the seeds have germinated.

Planning the aspects mentioned above will really help to maximize your harvest.

2- Avoid transplanting

To increase the production of autoflowering strains, avoid transplanting your cannabis, as this practice could stress the auto plants and affect their growth.

It is recommended to begin the growing of the autoflowering varieties in the middle or final pots.

3- The pots 

Choosing the size of the pots is an essential aspect for those who are looking for great yields in their harvest.

Some growers recommend planting the autoflowering strains in 15-20 liter pots from the first moment. This way, it is not necessary to plant again, and your strains will be able to grow there perfectly in the same container.

4- Do not water in excess

Not over watering your auto varieties is an important aspect to take into account. Remember not to water your marijuana plants again until you see that the substrate is dry again. Check your plants constantly.


Choosing autoflowering varieties that are characterized by producing high yields is also an ideal option to analyze when looking for a strain to plant.  For example, the Critical Kush Auto, of Barney’s Farm, is a very good choice, this variety can offer you up to 550g/m², when it is grown indoors, and it will be ready in only 8 to 9 weeks.

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