Method to make your marijuana seeds germinate

Written by on 19 November, 2022

The germination of marijuana seeds is one of the most necessary steps to start growing cannabis; luckily, is a multitude of the method to make your seeds germinate from complex techniques to the simplest ones.

Pay close attention, we are going to show you one of the most common and simple methods, and you will only need a few materials.

Germinating seeds on absorbent paper

It is one of the most used options by growers; precisely because it is so simple to do and very economical. In addition, this method allows you to keep a close eye on the germination process.

The absorbent paper used to carry out this process is ideal for maintaining humidity.

Materials you will need:

Absorbent paper towel.
Two plates.
Latex gloves.

Let’s get to work!

It is recommended to use latex gloves during the whole process; to avoid possible contagion of diseases or fungi to the seeds.

Once you have put on the gloves, the first thing to do is to take about four absorbent paper towels and spray them with water, then wring out the towels so that they are damp.

Then take two of those napkins, place them on one of the plates, and put the seeds at least an inch apart; you will prevent the roots from being tangled between them when they germinate. Cover your seedlings with the two remaining wet napkins.

Then, to create a dark space, take the other plate and place it on top. Store your plated in a warm, dark place.

Once you have completed the above steps, all you have to do is wait. You can check the napkins, and if you think they are losing moisture, you can add more water, making sure it is not too soggy.

In general, some seeds germinate faster than others do. The speed of seed germination will depend on the strain you have chosen for your growing. Some develop their roots in 24 hours, while with others; you will have to wait more days.

Transplanting germinated marijuana seeds

When you see the main root on your seeds, it is time to transfer them to their growing medium.

You should water the soil and make a hole in the substrate or growing medium, about 1cm deep and place the seed inside, with the root pointing downwards, and cover it with a few soils. In a short time, your speck will begin to grow.



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