Can the LST technique be applied to autoflowering cannabis flowers?

Written by on 30 September, 2022

Even if you don’t have much time growing your marijuana you should dare to implement methods to improve the yields of your plantation, such as applying the LST low stress training technique.

The LST method is a simple way to increase yields and the best thing is that it also allows you to control the height of the plants, make the most of the space and the available light.

This technique consists of bending down and carefully tying the stems and branches of the marijuana plant.

This is a method that as such will not bother your Mary Jane, because it is usually gentler than other training techniques, thus reducing the risk of stressing the plants excessively, but is it ideal for auto cannabis strains?

As you know, autoflowering marijuana flowers grow fast and do not depend on changes in the light cycle to reach flowering, so it is not recommended to apply high-stress training techniques, as your plants will not have enough time to recover. However, the LST method can be applied to these varieties.

With this technique, your autoflowering girls will benefit from better light exposure. Keep in mind that this method involves low stress, so it should not negatively affect the plant’s development. Just make sure that you carry it out at the right time and that the flowers you choose for it are completely healthy.


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